Century of Adventure

Chapter 1: In a Place

In a place, you just don’t know is there a friend or is there a foe. In a place you just don’t know left right back forward in a place.

Chapter  2: The News

In Ireland there were three moms there name’s were Barbra amathist & mary there kid’s name’s were Allison aka ally jenifer  aka jenni or jen and allia all 15.(allia is amathists,jen is barbras ,ally is marys).  Amathist was reading the paper when she saw a section that read:


Missing Artafact

Hope Diamond

Stolen, one of the most  prized  pasetions in the world the hope dimond has bin stolen from the museum of natural history in Washington D.C anyone that can find it will be given a reward for finding it.Once you have found the dimond go to the museum of natural history in Washington D.C.


Wow a reward! We need that all-right, said mary.

Yeah but how will we ever Find the hope dimand anser that mary, said amithist.allia jen & ally came down stairs and said did you see the paper? Yes! We did infact see the paper and we are going to D.C.!what! (they all said in exided voices)this is where their adventure begins!

[Washington D.C three weeks later]

Wow amarica,the girls said.Ok now where do start? Well we might want to change clothes to look more amarican and keep your profile low we don’t want atomatic compotition. They checked into a hotel called the Sheridan and got a good nights rest. The next morning they woke up feeling very rested and hungry so they went straight to the dining room so they could start their journey with a full stomach! The next day they woke up and it was raining lightning clashed thunder rumbled boooooom! Booooooooooooooooooooooooom! So in conclusion they stayed in their rooms all day.

The next day was sunny and they started looking. Where should we start looking?,said mary.I don’t know,said amithist.

Chapter 3: Under the Stones

They started looking in oevious spots such as the museum to see if it had perhaps maybe fallen out of its case or the steelers bag or anything that they carried it in. They found something and that was competition big competition every one was looking for it, it was like a annual search pary for gold every one wanted it so they just stoped looking.when they got outside allia saw something on the ground, she said that’s the hope dimond! Unlucky for them the steeler was looking for the dimond witch he acssadentaly droped he over heard them.