My Loire Valley visit

While we were in Loire Valley, we stayed in a little town called Amboise, which has some very interesting history. When we first got there, we met the lady who showed us around our apartment, and then it was time to eat. We ate at a very small restaurant called “La Fourchette” which translates to “The Fork”. My mom would tell you the food there is amazing. I would tell you otherwise.

The first full day, we had hired a tour guide. Her name was Marine and she knew a lot about the place we went: “Chateau Chenonceau”.

When we first got to Chenonceau, we strolled through the vegetable 🥒 garden and the area where the servants lived 🏡. After we strolled through two other gardens, but they were for flowers 🌺. The gardens were designed by the king’s wife and the king’s mistress. The first garden is Catherine de Medici’s (the king’s wife). It displays a beautiful view of the river and pretty petunias and begonias. The second garden is the king’s mistress, Diane. Her garden debuts a path soon a wall which you may walk on to get a better view. After we had walked through the gardens we decided to take a picture in front of the old gardeners house 🏡 except for right when we were going to take the picture I got a bloody nose. After we cleaned that up and we took the picture we went inside the chateau to explore.

Marine was very helpful and she helped us learn the history of every room, even if it wasn’t a room. Anyway for lunch 🍴 we had reservations for this really fancy restaurant where they scrape your crumbs of the table for you. After lunch which was super good 😊 we prepared to go canoeing 🛶.

While we were in our canoe some Boy Scouts or something were racing and tipped over their canoe and then boys started trying to flip over their canoes and jump out of their boats ⛵️. After we were finished canoeing Marine took us back to our apartment so we could get dinner and prepare for our hot air balloon ride. The hot air balloon people picked us up and drove us to where we were going to take off. We got there and had to wait for a weather report and then the wind was blowing too hard so we had to wait. We didn’t ending up getting to go up in a hot air balloon by we still had a good time. When we got back to the apartment we pretty much just hit the hay.

The second day we woke up and went to this cute little bakery/restaurant for brunch we decided we would after head over to Leonardo Da Vinci’s house 🏡 to check out some gizmos and gadgets and don’t forget the art. When we first got there we bought tickets to actually get in and then we walked up a long flight of stairs to explore his house. When we got up the stairs we were in an outdoor hallway and so we walked down the hallway and ended up in his bedroom.  And then another bedroom and the last room we ended up in was a room full of miniatures of his creations. We then went outside to a small flower garden and then walked through a small gift shop. We then walked down a few flights of stairs to where the creations were. We walked over a couple of bridges and got to see some interesting devices, like for example there was one that picked up water 💦 in a leaf shaped tarp. Once we had finally seen most of the contraptions we went on a walk even though that whole day had been a really long walk. At the end of the walk there was a fun playground with an unusual swing that went sideways instead of back and forth and it looked a bit like a log.

But anyway when we were about to go I just had to go down the slide and I fell on my backside. The worst part about falling is that instead of going back to the apartment first we had to go to a printing shop for the next days activity. When we finally went back to our apartment we lounged and then went to “la fourchette” (the fork) again and finally turned in for the night.

The third and final full day we woke up early and ready to go we were going to Versailles which is another chateaux but it is like so big you couldn’t imagine someone actually living in it and know which turn to make to get somewhere. When we first got to Versailles we had to get our bag checked. We got this deal, pay 8 extra euros and skip hours of waiting in line in the blazing rays of the sun. The deal we got included the tour of the king’s apartments. We got our bags checked and headed over to some security guards to ask for directions to the “tour” building. They told us to go back about 3/4 of a block and climb up some stairs… boy I wish I would’ve known that before lugging a 20 pound bag all the way across the courtyard. We got into the building and walked to where the English tour would start. We got fancy ear thingies so that the tour guide could be far away and not have to shout but instead talk into a microphone. Our tour was pretty long, we saw lots of rooms and things in rooms. My favorite room was what I understood to be a dining room it had beautiful wood seats with blue cushions and a hardwood table that could probably sit 12-14 guests. I also thought I would include that there is a beautiful Opera Room/Hall that is about 3 stories high. After our tour was done we did a little exploring and then went to dinner. Once diner was done we headed back to the chateau for a couple of entertaining performances. I enjoyed 2 of the 3 performances the first performance was a grown man dressed like a duck (it was REALLY weird) and if your wondering which type of duck… it was french. The second performance was a young woman singing opera with her trusty sidekick, lute man. The third act was dancing I rather enjoyed it, it was very entertaining. After that we we went outside to the fountains and admired some quite beautiful ones. Finally the fireworks came I watched in awe there were 3 questions in my head…

#1.) How much money did they spend on this?                                                                                                      #2.) How much longer, I’m getting tired.                                                                                                                  #3.) Why aren’t some of these fireworks exploding.

Finally my second question was answered. We walked back to our car and I went to bed.

Fourth/half day in Loire Valley we packed up and went to Chartres Cathedral and toured that. We went to the “crypts” (it wasn’t actual graves) and I got a sweet pin to put in my collection or on my backpack.


5 thoughts on “My Loire Valley visit”

  1. Your commentary is descriptive and colorful which makes a pleasant imagery for the reader. Outstanding portrayal of your travels. MUCH LOVE GP


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