My visit to Lyon 

When we arrived in Lyon on the TGV-( 🚂 ) we got in a cab and drove to our apartment where we were meeting the person who would help us check in. The rest of that day we spent relaxing and in my moms case getting ready for her meeting, and if anyone is interested it went pretty well.

The second day (Sunday) my mom, dad and I went to my moms meeting and got lunch but after that we had to part from my mom ’cause she had a presentation. My dad and I took the Metro toPlace Bellecour in the middle of the city and checked out an awesome cultural festival. Place Bellecour is one of the biggest public squares in Europe. It’s where we had to get Lyon City Cards (for transportation and museum admission) and the festival was right next to the tourist building where we got the card. The cultural festival had probably 50➕ countries from all around the world and they all had really cool displays. Madagascar  was selling jewelry and Japan was giving out overflavored shaved ice🍧.  Turkey was GIVING OUT ICE CREAM but someone ( my dad ) didn’t let me get any because the person at the front was being too “sales person-y”. But now he just owes me a sweet treat and that’s better than that tiny ice cream 🍦.  I did get a lot of sweet treats out of my dad overall because he’s a softy and I spent pretty much my whole Lyon trip with him.

Anyway after that we went to one of the metro stops and we got off a few stops later to see we were at the feniculars ( cable cars, see the picture below ).  That night we ate great dinner at a little place that was about two to three blocks from our apartment. If you were wondering we did eat dinner with my mom.

The third day my mom left at 8:00 a.m so I didn’t get to see her because I had stayed up late. To take a bit of a detour to present time…right now my mom is having a lesson with syLLABles, yeah, she was trying to say “fork” in French and my parents have been laughing for five minutes. Back to the story, NARRATOR!!! … So at 11:00 my dad and I met my French teacher, Pascale Bost. I normally call her Madame Bost but she said because we were in Lyon and it was summer vacation I could call her Pascale. Pascale showed us Croix Rousse, which is the part of Lyon where the silk weavers (Canuts) lived. I learned that Lyon was very famous for its silk production. We had a great lunch overlooking the city and then walked through ancient streets from the top of the hill to the bottom. We said goodbye to Pascale and headed home for a quick rest before our SEGWAY RIDE!


My dad and I arrived at the Segway tour and met our tour guide Ben. Before we could do any segway-ing we had to pay 💰 but they only accepted cash and we didn’t have enough.  We had to go find an ATM, but then Ben told us that we could take a shortcut. He unlocked this big wooden door inside the store 🚪 so my dad could go through he said, “you can go through too if you want”. I hesitated for a moment because I thought he was going to lock us in a cellar or something. We went trough the door and Ben locked it behind us.  We were in a secret passageway!!! Yay! We finally got out and got to the ATM and walked back to the Segway tour shop. The really cool thing about the secret passageways is that they were built for the silk weavers so that when it was raining or snowing the silk weavers could deliver the silk to a shop or something without it getting damaged.

Anyway, when we got back to the Segway tour place Ben and the owner unlocked the Segway from where they were charging and rested them against the building. Ben showed us how to get on, how to turn, and how to go forward and stop. And I’ll explain those things right now: to go forward shift your weight to the front of your body, to stop 🛑 shift your weight backward but then you have to return to a normal upright position so you don’t go backward, to go left or right just push the handlebar the way you want to go. To get on the Segway simply put your left hand in the middle of the handlebars (which are like the ones on a bicycle) put your left foot in the left spot then hoist yourself up and gently put your right foot in the right spot. I got on first and practiced and Ben ran me through the paces then did the same for my dad. In a few minutes we were pros!

Ben told us about the history of some things and then  we would move on to the next thing.  For as fun as riding a Segway is your feet really start to hurt because you can’t pick them up or you’ll mess up the Segway and most likely you’ll crash. We rode for an hour and thirty minutes at the end of the tour we went through a 1.7 km long tunnel! I had a lot of fun and I hope I can do another Segway tour soon.

After the tour was done ✅ we sat down at a table to discuss what we would do next and my dad said that we should go to Hard Rock Cafe. I mentioned that I had seen it while we were on the Segway. We walked a couple of blocks and sure enough there it was. We spent like ten minutes just trying to find the door 🚪 because most of the doors were locked 🔒. When we first came in we were in the gift shop which seemed really nice but then we were escorted to a table. On the walls there were all kinds of different things there was one of Elvis Presley’s suits, a Shakira mesh top, Mic Jagger’s bell bottoms and a Led Zepplin bass drum cover. Anyway that was fun but after that we went to this amazing gelato place and then got on the Metro and went back to our place. When we got back I watched one of the Smurfs movies or Despicable Moi Deux so I ended up going to bed at like midnight.

The fourth day/ final full day in Lyon I woke up at 10-ish. We rode the subway to the Croix Rousse area again so that we could go on a tram ride and take a 1 hour tour. When we got to the tram 🚋 we plugged in these earplug they had given us and listed to the dialogue that went with our tram journey. We learned about the SECRET PASSAGEWAYS (you learned about them earlier) and about this one cool 😎 Roman amphitheater from the 4th century B.C. There were these really awesome outdoor wall murals (that Lyon is famous for) that looked very realistic.

After we were done with our tram tour we took a subway to get to the river boat tour. About halfway there, we stopped at Place Bellecour and started to walk toward the river when something hilarious happened. Dad’s phone rang and it was Pascale wondering what we were up to and maybe we could meet again.

My dad said, “We are at Place Bellecour.”

Pascale said, “I’m at Place Bellecour.”

Dad said, “Well we’re in front of the McDonald’s”

Pascale said, “I’m in front of the McDonald’s!”

Dad said, “Well we’re not actually in front of the McDonald’s, we’re in front of the Swiss Credit Bank.”

Pascale said, “I’m in front of the Swiss Credit Bank!”

I turned around and was like “Dad there she is, there she is!” My dad turned around and Pascale turned around and they had literally been talking on the phone a yard away from each other!

After that we did some shopping 🛒 went to some shoe stores, cooking stores, and a candy store and got terrific hard candy and walked down a large pedestrian street and just talked. But alas all good things have to come to an end. Oh and by the way that was the day she told me I could call her Pascale because it was summer and we were in Lyon. But I had a great time and I’ll never forget that day.

We went back to the apartment to lounge and give our poor little feet a rest! My mom came back to the apartment after her presentation and we had dinner there. We ended up taking my mom to Old Lyon and walking through the cobblestone streets and eventually meeting up with a couple that my mom and dad know from when they were at Dartmouth. Mom loved the gelato 🍧 which we got at the same place as before and we talked with them for awhile.  I had the same gelato as the night before, milk chocolate 🍫!

Fifth/half day in Lyon the next day we got up packed our bags and got ready to travel to the Loire Valley. We got checked out and then we caught a cab to the Gare de Lyon train station and sat down at a Starbucks to sip our morning coffee ☕️. We took the TGV to Paris (2 hours), and rented a car and drove to Amboise (2 hours) in the Loire Valley.


5 thoughts on “My visit to Lyon ”

  1. Looks like it was a lot fun! The history on the silk business in Lyon definitely made me want visit. Great Blog post, Maya!


  2. That portrayal of your adventures sounds so appealing and fun. I wish we could have joined you! The description of your activities are excellent. GP


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