My Paris visit 

Ok, so today I left Paris and now I’m in Lyon sitting in bed but, let’s start at the beginning. I got to Paris on Wednesday and now it’s Saturday.   When we first got to Paris I hadn’t slept on the plane and so in the morning I wasn’t tired but later I was. First thing we did after we got off the plane was sit down and figure out our next move. We got on the train to go pick up our luggage. After, we went to drop off our luggage at the office of the person who’s apartment we were staying at. I got really tired walking but there would be time to be tired later. We finally got inside the building where we would store our luggage until we could check in to our apartment near the Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris, just down the street from the Notre Dame Cathedral.

After we left the building we got lunch and after went to the Tuileries Garden, near The Louvre Museum.  I watched an amusement park ride go for awhile then we decided to switch places to sit because we were all falling asleep. We sat on a bench and chairs for awhile and I momentarily fell asleep but then my mom suggested that we went to the “Musee d’Orsay”.  We walked over because it’s right across the street but we didn’t get a chance to go on that day because I was so tired that I  would fall asleep on my mom’s shoulder. We went back to the park and my dad and I fell asleep. About an hour later we went and got our luggage. A cab drove us to our apartment and someone met us so we could get in and get our keys. I wasn’t very tired because I had already slept for awhile. We got dinner at a gourmet shop down the street and brought it back to the apartment. I watched a bit of TV and went to bed.

The second day we woke up at like 12:00 o’clock and the first thing we did was take a walk along the Seine River so we could get tickets for the Batobus, a hop on-hop off boat, so we could get to the Eiffel Tower. We sailed along the Seine and then got off at the Eiffel Tower. We went through security and got tickets to walk up the stairs which was sort-of a lot of work but it was still fun. I counted all 704 steps in French! I got an Eiffel Tower bracelet and pin, we ate sandwiches and then went to the top.

At the top you can see the apartment that Mr. Eiffel built to accommodate guests. There are wax figures so you can get an idea of what people looked like and what they dressed like. The two people sitting in the room that had name plates were Mr. Eiffel and Thomas Eddison.  The wax Thomas Eddison looked like he was giving Mr. Eiffel an early version of the record player. Anyway, after that we went to a little cafe next to “Musee d’Orsay”. The food there was okay but not great. Then we went in the museum and looked at some paintings of some great impressionist artists like Van Gogh, Renoir, and Mary Cassatt (originally from Pennsylvania!) and then listened to an audiobook. There was also live music in cafe so we enjoy listening to that for like 15 minutes. We tried to look at another room of the Van Gogh paintings but they were closing down that section at 9:30 PM. We were not very tired so we went to see how much cost to go on the Ferris wheel but it was to expensive for us so we got churros instead. (Dad loved them!) After, we headed back to the apartment. I watched a little TV and then went to bed around midnight.


The third day we had to get my mom’s papers copied so once we got up we went straight to the copy shop and they told us we had to wait a few hours for the copies to be ready so we had some time on our hands. We went to the Musee d’Orsay to look at the pictures we hadn’t got to see the day before. We also ate lunch there in the room that the music had been played the night before. It was delicious, especially the chocolat du canalle, which is hot chocolate with cinnamon. Mom and I both ordered it and Dad was jealous. We were kinda out of energy so we didn’t do a lot but we did get to get SIM cards for my parents’ phones and for dinner we ate at really cute place with super good food. It had a great view of Notre Dame Cathedral. We sat next to a couple from Winston-Salem (!) and talked to them about both of our Paris vacations.

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The fourth day/yesterday we got up bright and early because we had to check out of our apartment that day. We went straight to Notre Dame in the rain, and got there just as it was opening at 10 AM. It was really cool. There were some really interesting things there but we only had an hour. Our check out time was 11:00 o’clock and it was already 10:30 but I still had a great time. We got audiobooks so we could learn more quicker instead of going on a guided tour, reading what the audiobook says in a pamphlet or looking at whatever it was we were looking at and wondering what it was or what it was used for. After we had to speed walk back to the apartment and get our stuff packed. when we were walking to the apartment we got stuck behind a bunch of slow pokes so we had to zip around them and race to the finish line. We finally got back and packed as fast as we could, we also called a cab because at that time of day you really don’t want to have to walk to the train station. We got to the train station about an hour and thirty minutes before boarding time so we sat down at the jazz cafe in the train station and grabbed a bite to eat. After we ate we were in line for Starbucks when someone came over the loud speaker announcing that our train was boarding. Our train ride was very smooth and scenic, we were seated right next to the dinning car so we got a few snacks. We got to Lyon two hours later and just relaxed and got settled in for the rest of the day.

Here are some paintings that we saw at the museum👩🏼‍🎨


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More to come from Lyon…


4 thoughts on “My Paris visit ”

  1. Maya, you look tres chic! I am so jealous of your adventures in Paris. Keep up the blog! Enjoy Lyons! Bon voyage!!


  2. Oh la la! It sounds like you’re having a great time in Paris! My favorite pastry is a pain au chocolat aux amandes. See if you can find one of those in the patisserie. Enjoy Lyon et bon voyage!


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