Inner tubing in the Yellow Breeches

We were in Hershey with my cousins Nate and Ella and one of the things we did was me and my cousins went inner tubing and the rest of the family went kayaking. Inner tubing is so fun it is awesome! Woot Woot! There are awesome rapids it was so cool. Me and my cousin both fell off our inner tube. Once I jumped off my inner tube in a shallow part and it got so deep I could’t touch the ground and so I couldn’t get back on my inner tube and my mom had to come over to me in her kayak and help me get back on, well actually now that I think about it that happened 2 times. Just to clarify the people on the following list are the ones that went on this journey with me:

Nate, Ella, Mom, Dad, Uncle Kevin– and thats about it.


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