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Monhegan Island, Maine

4 days before the 4th of July we set off to Monhegan island in Maine but before that we stayed somewhere overnight called THE HYATT PLACE,in Portland. The night that we got there we ate at a place called flatbread pizza the food was delicious. That night after dinner we went back to our hotel room and did a sudoku puzzle. The next morning we went downstairs to have our complementary breakfast. After breakfast my dad took me swimming  in the indoor pool after I swam in the pool I went to go get a shower then it was off to Monhegan. We packed our bags in the car but we did’t go strait to Monhegan we went to the mall first to look for sneakers for my mom and also Starbucks and lunch and drinks at a little drink cart. After that we hopped in the car and drove to the ferry that took us to Monhegan. Once we got to the place where we got on the ferry we unpacked the car. We got on the ferry,the captain said it would be about an hour until we got to our destination the hour went by fast while we were on the boat we saw porpoises. Soon we were on Monhegan we were excited to be there one of  the workers (Max) took our bags to our room. After we got checked in at the Monhegan Inn we went strait to our room to unpack after that I went for a swim in that cold Maine water and then we went back to our room and got a shower and then it was off to dinner. We ate dinner at this little seafood place and then we went for a walk. After the walk it was getting late so we went to bed. The next morning we went to the inn for our complementary breakfast. Afterwards we went for hike it was beautiful. After I went swimming,and well you know the routine, and then it was off to lunch I had clam chowder and that’s when things started to go wrong. We went to the inn lawn and I did a bunch of cart wheels and so to make a long story short I tossed my cookies. The next day I was fine we packed our bags went to breakfast and then off to Boston for the 4th of July celebration

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